We Know You Have A Business To Run, Let Us Work With You.

Our B2B service develops, creates, and delivers solutions for your individual food requirements.

Safeguarding the interests of the customer has absolute priority. The indisputable basic rule of Quality Bakery Products, Inc. in cooperation with B2B partners is the preservation of the integrity and confidentiality of the joint business relationship.

This in particular includes the handling of the customer branded products that come from our production. It is the duty of management and each individual supervisor to ensure that customers’ branded products are only delivered to the respective B2B customers.

Count on us: From pre-stocking special wholesale items, to developing your individual cake filling to creating a complete range of pies for your brand. We look forward to your specified request.

Research & Development are not just empty phrases, they are challenges.

We constantly strive to improve the existing and to create new ideas for our common success. We believe that every day comes with new challenges, new trends, new regulations, new impressions, and new opportunities.

Our Food Scientists and Production Experts deal with all these questions and always consider our previous actions in a self-critical manner. We create our products with attention to their professional application under consideration of eye appeal and sensory satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you send us an inquiry or whether we report new findings from our R&D to you: Stay curious!

With our expertise of over 30 years in the business we know what is important to you and what will become important to you.

Every order counts. If you receive goods at your location, you don’t want any surprises. You want to be sure of the delivered quality. If you place an order, you don’t want to hear why something cannot be delivered. You want certainty in your supply chain.

In addition to steady SQF certification and our cRc Kosher certification, we strive every day to become even more efficient, better, and more transparent in our processes. With the careful monitoring of our dedicated QA team, we achieve and maintain the desired flavor, texture, consistency, and overall finished product profile. Per item. Per customer.

Every day. We’re certainly not perfect, but pretty close.