Strawberry Fruit Puree – Gal 9#

Product Description

Sweet, textured strawberry puree will surprise your tastebuds with the juxtaposition of natural fruit and a deep sugar flavor. There are many ways to use our strawberry fruit puree in your baking. One way is to make lower-calorie and lower-fat goods for your customers. You can replace up to half of the oil or butter in your recipes with our fruit puree. It reduces the fat and the calories while keeping your desserts moist and delicious. You can also use fruit purees to reduce sugar in your recipes. The natural fruit provides sweetness. While it may not reduce the overall sugar in your formula, it adds the nutrition of natural fruit. You can also use our fruit purees in shakes, slushes, and smoothies. Our fruit puree consists of fresh strawberries. It has a bright red flavor and the pulpy consistency of fresh fruit.

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