Red Velvet Loaf Cake w/ Icing – 12/18oz

Product Description

A tangy cocoa-flavored staple, this red velvet cake is tempting at any time of day. As one of our most popular loaf cake flavors, our red velvet loaf cake looks as good as it tastes. The mild chocolate flavor is slightly tart, which characterizes the best red velvet cakes. The stripes of white icing bring out the red color even more. The red and white contrast is also fabulous for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
Item number 35707
12 units per case
18.0 oz per unit
18.0 lbs per case
36 cases per pallet
432 units per pallet
396 cases per HTL
4,752 units per HTL
792 cases per FTL
9,504 units per FTL

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