Orange Fruit Puree – Gal 10#

Product Description

This bright, crisp citrus flavor is like eating a drop of sunshine! Like our strawberry puree, you can use our orange puree in various ways in your baking. You can also add it to delicious drinks. Use it to make vibrant citrus cocktails. You can also use it to dress up your dishes. You can use the orange puree to add bright color. Add it to ice pops and ice creams for a delicious flavor. You can get a delightful creamsicle-flavored dessert mixed with vanilla ice cream. The orange puree is excellent with savory food. Use it to top a variety of meats. Add purees to bread to create unique flavors. We like to add an orange fruit puree to a basic muffin mix to come up with bright cranberry orange muffins.
Item number 28111
$00.00 per unit
4 jars per unit
10.0 lbs per unit
36 units per pallet
396 units per HTL
792 units per FTL

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