No Sugar Added Apple Pie Filling – 18#

Product Description

Exploding with the flavor of apple, cinnamon, and sugar, just by tasting it, you would never know our no-sugar-added pie has no added sugar. Apple is the number one selling pie flavor. It is not just people’s favorite type of fruit pie but their favorite type of pie. So, if you are going to expand your offerings to include lower-sugar desserts, apple is a great place to start. This apple pie filling has all of the delicious flavor, beautiful color, and great texture of our classic apple pie filling. It even has hints of the same spices. The only difference is that this option has no added sugar.
Item number 21008
$ 00.00 per case
1 pail per unit
18 lbs per pail
80 units per pallet
880 units per HTL
1,760 units per FTL

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