Gingerbread Loaf Cake – 12/16oz

Product Description

Peppery, sweet, and spicy ginger beautifully mellows when baked. Combined with molasses in gingerbread, it makes a delicious, moist, and mouth-watering treat. Gingerbread is a surprisingly polarizing treat. People either love it or hate it. Spicy with hints of brown sugar and molasses, gingerbread has a warm, cozy feeling. It also has an iconic dark look. Serve it alone or warm with a spread of melting butter for the ultimate winter treat. These loaf cakes are also popular with customers who resell them. They make a great addition to your holiday gift offerings.
Item number 35703
12 units per case
16.0 oz per unit
12.0 lbs per case
36 cases per pallet
432 units per pallet
396 cases per HTL
4,752 units per HTL
792 cases per FTL
9,504 units per FTL

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