Frzn Sweet Potato Pie Filling – 19#

Product Description

Rich, custardy, and earthy, eating this filling with a spoon is tempting! This sweet potato pie filling is ready to defrost and pour into your pies. Thick, with a custardy consistency, this pie has a great mouth feel without being too rich. That makes it an excellent finish to a decadent meal. You can serve it alone or combine it with other ingredients. Popular combinations include adding nuts for a sweet potato pecan pie or making a sweet potato cheesecake. So, if you want to add some old-school vibe to your dessert menu, consider how you can use this sweet potato pie filling.
Item number 27037
$00.00 per unit
1 pail per unit
19 lbs per pail
80 units per pallet
880 units per HTL
1,760 units per FTL