Frzn Royal Pecan Pie Filling – 42#

Product Description

Syrupy but not too sweet, this mouthwatering filling is sumptuous and decadent. This smooth, liquid, pecan-flavored filling is just waiting for you to customize it. The obvious choice is pecans, but we love this filling with other nuts. In addition to using it for pies, consider this filling for other dessert choices. The syrupy consistency makes it great as a glaze for cookies, over ice creams, and as a flavoring in cakes or other desserts. The hints of maple make it a great addition to pancakes and other breakfast foods.
Item number 27009
$ 00.00 per case
1 pail per unit
42 lbs per pail
48 units per pallet
528 units per HTL
1,056 units per FTL

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