Frzn Fruit Cake Batter – 20#

Product Description

Dark, dense, and crumbly, this surprisingly decadent treat is full of the tastes of the holidays. Fruit cake gets a bad rap. People who have had a lousy fruit cake think of it as a hard and stale treat. A freshly baked fruit cake offers an entirely different flavor. Fresh, bright, and chock-full of holiday flavors, fresh fruit cake has remained a favorite for a reason. It is mouthwatering, pairing well with other holiday favorites like eggnog, hot chocolate, and bourbon. Offer your customers fresh fruit cake with this frozen fruit cake batter. Defrost it for a ready-to-use batter that you can easily bake.
Item number 50007
$ 00.00 per case
1 pail per case
20.0 lbs per case
80 units per pallet
880 units per HTL
1,760 units per FTL

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