Frzn Cobbler Sheets – 28/12oz 21#

Product Description

The bubbling of a delicious filling, topped by a sheet of golden, buttery crust, set the cobbler apart from other desserts. Cobblers look rustic but can have surprisingly complex flavor profiles. Their crispy crusts, contrasting with their sweet fillings, combine to make every bite perfect. The easiest way to make a fresh cobbler, these sheets are ready to fit your cobbler pans. They are flaky, thick, delicious dough. Serve them as-is, brush them with butter or egg white, or sprinkle with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Combine them with one of our cobbler or pie fillings for an easy, custom-baked dessert without the fuss.
Item number 34651
$ 00.00 per case
28 units per case
12.0 oz per unit
21.0 lbs per case
72 cases per pallet
2,016 units per pallet
792 cases per HTL
22,176 units per HTL
1,584 cases per FTL
44,352 units per FTL

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