Cinnamon Loaf Cake – 12/16oz

Product Description

Sweet, woody, with a bit of a punch, this cinnamon loaf cake is a tasty, pleasant any-time treat. Some people think of cinnamon-flavored treats as a holiday favorite. We think they are great year-round. Cinnamon not only tastes great but also has a beautiful smell. It evokes the feelings of homemade baked goods. That makes cinnamon-flavored goods a feel-good nostalgic treat. Serve this alongside coffee or tea, as part of a loaf cake assortment, or in gift baskets. We love sliced cinnamon bread in bread baskets for brunches and breakfasts.
Item number 35704
$ 00.00 per case
12 units per case
16.0 oz per unit
12.0 lbs per case
36 cases per pallet
432 units per pallet
396 cases per HTL
4,752 units per HTL
792 cases per FTL
9,504 units per FTL

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