Cherry Pie Filling – 20#

Product Description

Sweet, tart, and full of whole cherries, this pie filling is deliciously complex. The complexity is one of the reasons that people love cherry times. The first bite seems simple, but then the flavors explode on your tongue, invigorating your senses while still being the ultimate comfort food. We love a great cherry pie. However, finding the right balance for the cherry filling can be tricky. You want it sweet, with whole cherries and a bit of tart. The color is also essential. Cherry pie fillings range from light red to a deep merlot color. This filling hits the sweet spot in the middle with deep, rich, red tones. Our cherry pie filling combines everything you want in a cherry pie. This filling will take your cherry pies to the next level, but do not stop at pies. This filling is also great for turnovers, hand pies, and as a base for sauces. Take your cherry cheesecake to the next level by using a layer of this filling in the baking process.

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