Apricot Danish Filling – 38#

Product Description

It is hard to decide whether this feeling is more delicious or beautiful. Apricots are perfect for baking with smooth, sweet flesh that tastes like a cross between a peach and a plum. This fruit-filled filling has a gorgeous yellow-orange color. It reminds us of marmalade and has a lovely smooth texture surrounding small chunks of apricots. The delicate flavor makes this an excellent choice for various pastry dishes. It would go well with Danishes and thumbprint cookies. One of our favorite uses for this filling is hamantash. This filling is so great that your customers may want hamantash year-round, not just at Purim.
Item number 25024
$00.00 per unit
1 pail per unit
38 lbs per pail
48 units per pallet
528 units per HTL
1,056 units per FTL