9″ Extra Deep Pie Shell – 24/9.5oz

Product Description

This exquisite pie shell bakes up beautifully. It bakes into a golden, flaky, textured pastry crust. The flavor is neutral and buttery, making it the perfect match for any filling. This shell is suitable for standard-sized pies that yield 6 to 8 pieces. These unbaked shells are ready-to-bake. Excellent for deep dish pies. Once cooked, they produce our flaky, golden pie crust.

Item number 34504
24 units per case
9.5 oz per unit
14.30 lbs per case
32 cases per pallet
768 units per pallet
352 cases per HTL
8,448 units per HTL
704 cases per FTL
16,896 units per FTL

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