9″ Bkd Chocolate Cake Layers-12/1#11oz

Product Description

Buttery, rich, and chocolatey, this cake will make your mouth water. The mid-level chocolate flavors in these layers make them fabulous for various chocolate cakes. Make it deeper flavored with rich, fudgy icing or chocolate ganache. Highlight the chocolate with vanilla icing. You could even cover it with our German chocolate icing for a quick take on a German chocolate cake. Ready to decorate, these uniform layers are great for building the perfect cake.
Item number 35497
12 units per case
27.0 oz per unit
20.30 lbs per case
32 cases per pallet
384 units per pallet
352 cases per HTL
4,224 units per HTL
704 cases per FTL
8,448 units per FTL

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