8″ Pineapple Pie – 10/28oz

Product Description

Bright, tropical, vibrant, sweet, and just a little tart, we do not mind telling you that pineapple is our favorite tropical fruit. Fresh pineapple has a vibrant taste, but cook it, and the heat breaks down the sugars, bringing out an almost candy flavor. Sounds tempting? Then, take a break from everyday pie flavors with our tropical-tasting pineapple pie. This dessert is a summertime favorite and stands up surprisingly well to holiday meals. Some people love to serve this with creams or ice cream, but it is one of our favorite stand-alone pies. The unique flavor combines beautifully with our signature flaky, buttery crust. This surprisingly versatile pie is as great for a decadent breakfast or brunch as it is at the end of a meal. It is also visually stunning. The pineapple filling is a vibrant yellow, which makes for a pretty pie, especially when sliced and served. You can cut it into 6 to 8 standard-size pieces.
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$ 00.00 per case
10 units per case
28.0 oz per unit
17.50 lbs per case
50 cases per pallet
500 units per pallet
550 cases per HTL
5,500 units per HTL
1,100 cases per FTL
11,000 units per FTL

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