8″ Peach Pie – 10/28oz

Product Description

Do you know how mouthwatering a fresh peach can be when you take that first bite and juices start to drip down your face? You know you are making a mess of yourself, but the peach tastes so good that you do not care? That is how our peach pie tastes. A fresh dessert that is like taking a bite of summer, our peach pie is a customer favorite. The filling has large, juicy chunks of peach that are firm enough to give a nice bite feel but still tender and succulent. The cinnamon and vanilla undertones take this perfect summer fruit and give it a slight fall flavor. The result is an all-season filling that is great for year-round desserts. The color is also excellent. Just like the skin of a fresh peach, this filling reflects yellows, browns, ambers, peaches, and even hints of red and orange. Surrounded by our flaky crust, this pie is as pretty as it is delicious. The size is suitable for 6 to 8 standard slices. Get plenty to sell them whole; your customers will love them.
Item number 32203
$ 00.00 per case
10 units per case
28.0 oz per unit
17.50 lbs per case
50 cases per pallet
500 units per pallet
550 cases per HTL
5,500 units per HTL
1,100 cases per FTL
11,000 units per FTL

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