8″ Baked Pecan Tart – 12/35 oz.

Product Description

Have you ever wondered what combining a delicious pecan pie with a shortbread pastry would be like? The sweet, buttery, woodsy taste of the pecans lounging on the crunchy, crumbly, sweet shortcrust dough? Our baked pecan tart can make your tastebuds’ dreams come true. Our baked pecan tart offers a unique twist on the classic pecan pie. With a thicker, crumblier bottom crust, tarts offer a different filling-to-crust ratio than pies. Many people consider them visually more attractive. For that reason, people think of them as a “fancy” dessert. People love tarts for brunches, fancy dinners, and holiday meals. We think tarts are perfect for various settings, but we believe they are a must-have if you have a tea room. You can get 6 to 8 standard-sized servings from the tart. You can also offer to sell them whole for your patrons who love them. Order extra- you will want to take some home for yourself.

Item number 50150
12 units per case
35.0 oz per unit
26.30 lbs per case
50 cases per pallet
600 units per pallet
550 cases per HTL
6,600 units per HTL
1,100 cases per FTL
13,200 units per FTL

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