10″ Pumpkin Pie – 8/41oz

Product Description

Our tempting pumpkin pie is a great mix of sweet and savory flavor profiles. Pumpkin and sugar provide sweetness, while the classic pumpkin pie spices add depth to the flavor profile. You can serve the pie alone, with ice cream or whipped cream. A flavored maple whipped cream, caramel drizzle, or butterscotch ice cream will compliment the pie but add an expected twist to this classic. Our 10” pumpkin pie has the same flavor and creamy custard texture as our 8″ pumpkin pie, just larger. This pie is a fall favorite. Equally sublime at the end of a good meal or on its own for the next day’s breakfast, this pie is every bit as good as homemade versions. Customers will order it to dine in and take it home for the holidays. However, you may want to consider it as a year-round offering. Pumpkin is one of the top five flavors for pie sales. You can slice it into 8 to 12 standard slices or resell it whole.
Item number 33320
8 units per case
41.0 oz per unit
20.50 lbs per case
36 cases per pallet
288 units per pallet
396 cases per HTL
3,168 units per HTL
792 cases per FTL
6,336 units per FTL

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