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Please read this cookie policy carefully before using website (“website”, “service”) operated by Quality Bakery Products Inc. (“us”, ‘we”, “our”).

What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. It will contain some anonymous information such as a unique identifier, website’s domain name, and some digits and numbers.

What types of cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies
Necessary cookies allow us to offer you the best possible experience when accessing and navigating through our website and using its features. For example, these cookies let us recognize that you have created an account and have logged into that account.

Functionality cookies
Functionality cookies let us operate the site in accordance with the choices you make. For example, we will recognize your username and remember how you customized the site during future visits.

Analytical cookies
These cookies enable us and third-party services to collect aggregated data for statistical purposes on how our visitors use the website. These cookies do not contain personal information such as names and email addresses and are used to help us improve your user experience of the website.

How to delete cookies?

We would like to inform you that you can object to the recording of “cookies” on your computer by configuring your browser as follows:
If you browse the web using Internet Explorer (Microsoft): from the “Tools” menu, select “Internet options” and click on the “Privacy” tab. Then, click on the “Advanced” button and click “Override automatic cookie handling” and select “Block all cookies” (first-party cookies and third-party cookies). Confirm by clicking “OK”.

In Firefox: in the “Tools” menu, click on “Options”. On the “Privacy” tab click on “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”. Confirm by clicking on “OK”.

In Chrome, click on “Settings” in the drop down menu “Display advanced settings”. In the “Privacy and Security” section, click on “Content settings” and define your choice in the “Cookies” section.

If you use browser versions other than the ones mentioned, please use the help files or user manual for your browser.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this policy or our use of cookies, please contact us.