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Thirty Years Of Providing Quality Bakery Products!

Our History

After serving as a coast guard for his country, Henry P. Wellborn (Sandy) started his career in the baking industry in 1972 in Dallas, Texas with a bakery supply company. After a couple of years, he was offered a position as the Branch Manager in Houston, Texas. After the company was sold in 1992, he decided to venture out and form his own company together with his partner, Wolfgang Rupertus. In January 1993, they founded Quality Bakery Products, Inc.

Our History

Wolfgang Rupertus introduced Henry P. Wellborn to the owner of his previous employer, Fritz Schäfer of Abel & Schäfer in Ronkonkoma, NY. The gentlemen decided to do a joint financial venture with the Abel & Schäfer Group, which made the company grow rapidly well into the early 2000s.


Our History

In the early years of the new millennium, the Abel & Schäfer Group made an offer to take over the left-over shares of the company, which Henry P. Wellborn and Wolfgang Rupertus accepted. Quality Bakery Products Inc. hired Mike Tills as the General Manager in 2003, due to his history and experience in the family-owned bakery supply business.

Our History

Mike Tills formed the company that Quality Bakery Products is today and stabilized the financial situation of the company. He confidently led the company through the COVID-19 pandemic and went into well-deserved retirement at the end of 2021.

Our History

During December of 2021, Christian Weihprecht was contracted as a consultant in order to prepare for the change in management. In May of 2022, Christian was offered the CEO position, and charged with spearheading a new vision and strategy within the company’s organizational structure that will help Quality Bakery Products achieve its goals. He brings more than 30 years of experience in fast-moving consumer goods, including more than 15 years of experience in food production and consumer-packaged goods for international corporations with responsibility for organization and production.

Who We Are

Quality Bakery Products is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023. The company, founded by Henry P. Wellborne and Wolfgang Rupertus in 1993, benefited from their experience in the baking industry from the very beginning. With the support of the German Abel + Schäfer Group, also a significant player in the European baking industry with generations of experience, the company was able to quickly establish and develop. The Abel + Schäfer Group took lead in the early years of the new millennium and the company continued to develop and specialize.

In a highly competitive environment, the company maintains 3 lines of business:

Quality Bakery

For semi-finished doughs, batters, shells and finished baked goods.

Quality Filling Factory

For sweet and savory liquid and semi-liquid products.

Quality Bakery Wholesale

For raw materials and everyday products for our partner bakeries in Texas and beyond

Our Strategy Vision

Quality Bakery Products, Inc. has been an established company in the State of Texas for over 30 years.

Our brand and our reputation are at the center of our plans for sustainable growth in all of our business units and are the top priority when exploring new areas of business. Quality Bakery Products, Inc. strives to be the first address for the sweet & savory bakery business in the Southern United States.

Our Values

Our company places quality at the top of our priority list with every ingredient we are manufacturing. There are a number of steps that go into creating each product, and shortcuts are never taken. We believe that if these ideals are at the forefront for every employee, we will continue to maintain our high-quality standards and keep our clients content.


In most cases, quality is evaluated subjectively, because the demands on the products and services are diverse. We define quality by the fulfillment of the demands and expectations of our customers. Besides the quality of the products and services offered it is also conditions, distribution, and communication between the business partners.


Our greatest assets are our customers, who trust us with their related business, our suppliers, who deliver us constantly with our materials, our employees, which create our products to fulfill your orders. That is why we attach great importance to respect and appreciation in dealing with each other.


“If everyone moves forward together, then success will come naturally.” Henry Ford. It may sound trite, but nevertheless it remains true. Only in a team, where we perform interdependent tasks and work towards a common goal, we can be successful.


The term comes from the Latin “creare” and means “to produce”. There are different approaches and countless answers to the question of a definition of creativity. We understand creativity as the motor of our company, the ability to create something that is novel and useful at the same time.


Simply put, innovation is about successfully implementing a new idea and creating value for our customers. It could be a plan for an improved product or a service. Innovation always starts with a new idea. With the attitude of “Is-not-possible doesn’t exist” we think solution-oriented which means learning, searching, deciding, and acting purposefully and consistently.